Historic Philadelphia: The City, Symbols & Patriots, 1681-1800

Historic Philadelphia: The City, Symbols & Patriots, 1681-1800Historic Philadelphia: The City, Symbols & Patriots, 1681-1800

By William C. Kashatus

212 pp. Photographs, bibliography, notes, index
ISBN:  0-8191-8769-0 $19.50 soft cover 1992.


Historic Philadelphia captures all the familiar figures and symbols of Philadelphia’s rich eighteenth-century past as well as the drama of American history’s greatest scenes, from clandestine meetings of the Second Continental Congress to the drafting of the United States Constitution to the final days of Philadelphia’s prestigious role as the nation’s capital.

Kashatus’ experience as an historical interpreter at Philadelphia’s Independence national Historical Park enables him to take the reader into Congress to hear the stirring debates over American independence, into the spirits of such unforgettable patriots as Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross and William Penn, and finally into the streets on a delightful walking tour of this historic city.


“This popularly-styled history is designed to excite the curiosity of the reader and offers fresh, new interpretations of past figures and events.  Historic Philadelphia is an ideal companion for readers who want more than the brief outlines contained in typical visitors’ guidebooks.  At the same time, Kashatus offers a more entertaining treatment of the old city than scholarly reference works.” – Pennsylvania Heritage