Lou Gehrig: A Biography

Lou Gehrig: A BiographyLou Gehrig: A Biography

By William C. Kashatus

176 pp. Photographs, bibliography, notes, appendices, index
ISBN: 0-313-32866-8 $29.95 hard cover 2004.


Lou Gehrig’s record for consecutive games played stood for decades until Cal Ripkin Jr. broke it in 1995. Most people remember Gehrig for his record, or for the disease that claimed his life (and now bears his name). But what many forget is how prolific a hitter he was

The son of German immigrants, Gehrig rose from inauspicious beginnings to become a scholar-athlete at Columbia University, and then to Major League Baseball, where he knocked in almost 2,000 runs and helped his team win six world championships.

William Kashatus recounts the perseverance and poise of a life which ended tragically yet heroically. Written in cooperation with George Pollack, the lawyer for the Gehrig estate, this biography provides a valuable addition to the study of an enduring American sports legend.


“With all the skill and work that made him a Hall of Fame baseball player, Lou Gehrig achieved more than temporary fame. He built a legacy of excellence and humility that is the ultimate example of the beauty inherent in sports. That example is immortal. With this book, William Kashatus does Gehrig and his legacy honor.” – Dave Kindred, Sporting News

“Kashatus’ masterly research and writing has given birth to the ultimate Gehrig baseball story.” – George Pollack, Executor, Gehrig Estate

“William Kashatus has made a valuable contribution to the literature about Lou Gehrig’s near- mythic life and death.” – Ray Robinson, Author, Iron Horse: Lou Gehrig in His Time