Valley with a Heart: Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley

Valley with a Heart: Northeastern Pennsylvania's Wyoming ValleyValley with a Heart: Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley

By William C. Kashatus

171 pages, 200+ illustrations, bibliography
ISBN 978-0-9853399-3-7 color, $35.00 paper, 2013.
ISBN 978-0-9853399-4-4 black and white, $25.00 paper, 2013.


If you didn’t know that Connecticut and Pennsylvania once fought a war, that the real inventor of the automobile was Sephaniah Reese, that Father Joseph Murgas developed the telegraph before Marconi, or that one-armed Pete Gray played major league baseball, then you don’t know the fascinating history of the Wyoming Valley.

Valley with a Heart offers a look at some of the personalities, institutions, and events in Northeastern Pennsylvania’s past. The book is divided into three sections: “portraits,” “places,” and “moments in time.” Each section contains twenty stories, all of which were previously published as history columns in Wilkes-Barre’s Citizens Voice newspaper between 2004 and 2010. Some stories are unique to the region. Others reflect the considerable influence the Wyoming Valley and its native sons and daughters have had on both the state and nation.

Beautifully illustrated with over 200 images from the collection of the Luzerne County Historical Society, Valley with a Heart will appeal to natives of the Wyoming Valley and students of local history, as well as history buffs.

“In Valley with a Heart, William Kashatus chronicles more than two centuries of the Wyoming Valley’s history and heritage. He brings to life generations of the region’s famous (and not-so-famous) citizens. He re-creates with stunning detail events and incidents that forever changed the history of the valley – and Pennsylvania. Kashatus’ stories are seamless; his gift is rare.” – Michael J. O’Malley III , Editor, Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine

Valley with a Heart is a major contribution to the history of the Wyoming Valley. There is no other publication like it. I highly recommend this colorfully designed and informative work to those interested in regional and Pennsylvania history.” – Kenneth C. Wolensky, Vice President, Pennsylvania Historical Association

“Selecting sixty ‘People’, ‘Places’, and ‘Moments in Time’, Kashatus offers a lively, informative, and beautifully illustrated study of the historically rich region of northeastern Pennsylvania around Wilkes-Barre. I have rarely enjoyed a history book so much.” – William Pencak, Professor of History, Pennsylvania State University