The Immortals: An Art Collection of Baseball’s Best

The Immortals: An Art Collection of Baseball’s BestThe Immortals: An Art Collection of Baseball’s Best

By Dick Perez – Text by William C. Kashatus – Foreword by Tom Seaver

560 pages, 1400+ full color paintings
ISBN 978-0-692-00850-8 $150.00 hard cover, 2011.


The Immortals is a stunning history of baseball through the lives of members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. It is a retrospective of baseball art by sports artist Dick Perez, official artist of the Baseball Hall of Fame for over 25 years. Perez’s name has also been attached to the Philadelphia Phillies, Donruss Diamond Kings, and the Topps Company.

This large, beautiful limited edition book is bound in soft bonded leather, and contains over 1400 paintings. The images are carefully researched and depict the evolution of uniforms, equipment and ballparks. The beauty and ballet of the game leap from the pages with vivid realism.

Perez’s artwork in complemented by William Kashatus’s informative player biographies and engaging narratives of each of baseball’s historical eras: Origins, Dead Ball, Golden Age, Depression, War and Postwar, Expansion, and Modern. Nationally acclaimed, The Immortals was the recipient of a Casey Award nomination for best baseball book of 2011. It is the perfect gift for any baseball enthusiast.


“Between the beautiful color portraits, interspersed with baseball scenes that bring the pages to life, Perez has created one of the most pleasurable-to-the-eyes histories of baseball one could ever imagine.  All 292 Hall of Famers, including the 17 mostly-obscure, long-ago Negro League players and executives elected by special committee in 2006 are portrayed here in vivid color by Perez, accompanied by bios, stats and an riveting narrative by historian William Kashatus.” – New York Daily News

The Immortals offers a colorful visual history of the national pastime as seen through the lives of the 292 members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Using oils, watercolors, acrylics, and gouache, Perez brings his subjects to life by articulating character, emotion, youth, and the chiseling effects of age. Not only does he offer a historically accurate portrayal of each athlete, based on years of painstaking research; he also captures a special moment in time, reminding us of how our heroes wish to be remembered, and how we want to remember them.” – Philadelphia Inquirer