William KashatusHistory is an important part of our American culture. It’s fun to read and tell, and can contribute to the personal experience of everyone who seeks to understand the past. But few people answer, “History,” when asked, “What’s your favorite subject?” Why? Because most of us first encountered the past in dry, vocabulary-controlled school texts that discouraged the use of imagination.

Just think how inspiring history can be if it is presented in an engaging way where the viewer can actually relate to the past by experiencing it for himself. This is the goal of History Live!

Created by William Kashatus, historian, educator and writer, History Live! can meet your historical needs whether you are an adult or a child, a school or community organization. Topics range from “Colonial America” to the “Industrial Revolution,” from “baseball” to “biography,” and from “curriculum development” to “race relations.” Check out this website for more information on riveting living history impersonations, informative slide shows, and engaging books and DVDs.

History Live! Where we are forever looking forward to the past!